Catering Menu 

Minimum 10 people per Order | Catering from 10 – 500 people

We supply disposable plates, cutlery, napkins and all condiments. China + flatware available at $1/pp
All prices will be subject to GST + 10% catering charge


Continental    $11/pp
Breakfast Pastries, fresh fruit, yogurt, granola bars + assorted Juices

Bistro Breakfast    $14/pp
Bacon, sausage, hash browns, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, yogurt + assorted juices

Breakfast wraps    $13/pp
Scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, sausage, onions, tomatoes + cheddar cheese, salsa sour cream
hash browns, fresh fruit + assorted juices

Baked quiche    $14/pp
Vegetarian or Lorraine | Fresh fruit, yogurt + assorted juices

Beni Buffet    $15/pp
Classic or Vegetarian | Hash browns, fresh fruit, yogurt + assorted juices


Tea/Coffee $2/pp | Bottled Juices $2/pp | Bottled water $2/pp | Soft drinks $2/pp| Fruit kebabs $3/pp |

Fruit cocktails $3/pp | Fruit platter  Sm $24   Med $ 40    Lg $60

Individual yogurts $1.25 each

Cheese Tray $3/pp

Pickle Tray $2/pp

Veggies and dip $3/pp

Assorted Muffins $20/dozen | Assorted Croissants $20/dozen | Cinnamon Buns $24/dozen


Prairie    $20/pp
Cabbage rolls, perogies, smoked sausage, coleslaw, pickles, buns + Saskatoon cheesecake

Baked Lasagna    $15
Beef or Vegetarian, Caesar salad, garlic toast + desserts

Greek Chicken    $17

W/ lemon + feta , rice pilaf, tomato salad, Greek salad + desserts
Roast Turkey    $19
Stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, perogies, salad + desserts

Roast Beef    $17.50
Gravy, mashed potatoes, perogies, salad + desserts

Pork + chicken souvlaki    $17.50
Rice, Caesar salad + desserts

Sweet chili chicken    $16.50
Rice, Thai noodle salad + desserts

Fresh herb salmon   $20
Lemon butter, rice + desserts

Pizza buffet    $17
Assorted pizza + pastas, Caesar salad + desserts

Working lunch    $13/pp
Assorted wraps, Caesar salad or soup, pickles + desserts

Gourmet sandwich lunch    $17.50
Choice of: Greek chicken, curried egg salad, ahi tuna salad, roast beef horseradish aioli,turkey w
aldorf or

roasted red pepper and goat cheese , Watermelon and feta salad, German potato salad, pickle tray,

fruit platter + desserts


Tea/Coffee $2/pp | Bottled Juices $2/pp | Bottled water $2/pp | Soft drinks $2/pp

Fruit platter   

Sm $25    Med $ 40    Lg $60
Veggies and Dip   $3/pp

Cheese Tray   $3/pp

Pickle Tray   $2/pp

Appetizers are priced per dozen


Chicken or beef satay $18
Spanakopita $16
Dolmades $15
Spring rolls $18
Perogies w/ sour cream $15
Beer cheddar meat balls $16
Chicken wings $18
Samosas $18
Stuffed mushrooms $18
Pork or veggie gyoza $16


California sushi rolls $18 
Smoked salmon mouse $18 
Mushroom strudel $18
Country pate w/ pumpernickel toast $18
Shrimp cocktail
50pc $60    100pc $100
Hummus platter w/ pita wedges
Sm $25   Lg $45
Bruschetta w/ crisp crostini 
Sm $25   Lg $45


We can also create a Special Menu for you if you don’t see something you like

Reception Style
Hot appetizers | Chicken satay | Beef satay | Spanakopita Dolmades – mini grapes leaves stuffed with rice

Spring rolls – pork or veg  | Bite size perogies + sour cream | Beer + cheddar meat balls
Jerk chicken wings | Samosas | Stuffed mushrooms | Gyoza – pork or veg

Cold appetizers
California sushi rolls | Smoked salmon mouse | Bruschetta + crisp crostini | Crab + ricotta tarts

Mushroom strudel  | Country pate – pumpernickel + Melba toast | Shrimp cocktail

Hummus platter  – pita wedges + crackers

Call us to reserve or inquire about our catering services.

(306) 761-2305



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Corporate functions, Holiday Office parties, Birthdays, Anniversaries , Family functions, 

Events ,Catering and much more. 

Private room and semi private areas are available
Call us to reserve your function or for more information on our menus to suit your

needs and budget. 


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